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Please provide your credit card information.

Please provide us with up-to-date credit card and associated information and then click the “Submit” button below so that we can process payment for the services being provided to your student.

By doing so, you grant E&R – The Campus Laundry permission to bill any current amounts due for services as indicated on our most recent bill to this credit card.

Should you be signed up for our Just the Basics plan, future incidental charges will also be billed to this credit card for the current academic year.

The amount due for service as indicated on the most recent statement you received will be charged to this credit card.

Credit Card Information

Card Service

Should you prefer to provide us with this information via phone, please call between the hours of 8AM - 5PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, at the number below.

Should you prefer to fax this information to us, please include your name, your student's name, your student's school, credit card type, credit card number, expiration date and security code. You may fax this information to 1-603-627-7644.


Mindy Baker
School Administration Manager
1-800-243-7789 Ext. 736

Personal Information

Please read the following carefully and click "I Accept" below to confirm your understanding of the terms and conditions that you agree to upon providing this credit card information to us.
I agree that E & R Laundry and Dry Cleaners, a division of Botnick/5 Ventures, Inc. and doing business as E&R - The Campus Laundry (E & R) has been granted permission to bill any outstanding charges from the current or previous academic year(s)/summer program(s) immediately to the credit card number I have provided for this student as indicated on the above form.

I further agree that this credit card will be retained for ongoing recurring payments which have been previously approved by me when I placed my original order.

Please direct any billing questions to:

Mindy Baker
School Administration Manager
1-800-243-7789 Ext. 736