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Students with an E&R Laundry plan generate the following utility savings with every load of laundry we do compared to campus washers & dryers (savings based on an independent study performed by TDK Engineering):

Resources Saved

Our Duffle Style Bag

Our duffle style laundry bag is designed to hold a week’s worth of dirty clothes, sheets, and towels and has a built-in hook so you can hang it on your closet door to double as a hamper! Your personalized laundry bag will keep your clean laundry neat and secure, and it contains a separate compartment for your socks and delicates. This design saves over 25,000 pounds of plastic, cardboard, and paper each year!

Recycle Stations

Recycle stations and hanger caddies provide a place for students to deposit poly bags and wire hangers for us to recycle. Last year, we recycled over 900 pounds of hangers per week.

Hanger Station